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Sales Quotations

Yes, we provide full support as long as it is related to the Quotationer purchased. Your suggestions and recommendations are also valuable for us. We strive to be quick, efficient and helpful.

Dont worry you can freely contact us through mail or phone call.


You can use the evaluation version Quotationer with limited features for 7 days. It is absolutely free. If you are satisfied, you can purchase the license to use the full version at any time.

Quotationer is a desktop Windows application. It works with Windows 7 and all of its latest versions.

The downloading of Quotationer is free. The download button provided will be redirected to a page where you will be asked to give your details including your email address. On clicking Download Request button an email will be sent to you with the download link. You can download the Quotationer immediately, using this download link in the email. The download link will not expire and you may download at any time.

As soon as you download the Quotationer setup, just double click and follow the directions provided in the setup wizard. After the setup is finished, go to Programs and click Quotationer and use the tool to create quotations for your business.

Open the website of Quotationer–> home page–>Get a license–>Ente your details–>Request license

You can contact us through email or phone

phone: +91 484 4020029


You can purchase the license to use the full version at any time, by clicking the ‘Request for License’ button. This will send you a mail with license link. On clicking the link for License, it will give you the payment options. Just select the payment method and submit the payment. After the verification of the payment, the License key will be sent to you as email. Just copy the key and update the license key section provided in the Registration menu of Quotationer. That’s it, enjoy the full features of the Quotationer for the period of the license. We assure you that using of Quotationer will make your business profitable.


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If you are not comfortable with Quotationer. You can request for refund within 15 days


After installing the quotationer you can login to the quotationer using the default user name and password given below.
User Name: admin
Password: admin

Please change the password after login to the quotationer.

Quotationer is a software tool used to create various quotations for any business. You can finish the quotation creation in two steps with Quotationer. It is fast and easy, and definitely, help you to grow your business.

You can create the quotation in two steps and take the print out. It is that easy.

Adding pictures of items can make your quotation more visually appealing, which helps you for a quick business deal. Quotationer provides the feature of listing products with their images.

You can add pictures to the quotation by two ways either by capturing nor by browsing. By using capturing option you can capture images with any size from anywhere.quotationer will automatically resize the captured image to 150*150.

You can add product images from add item window, either by capturing or by browsing. if your option is browsing, you need to browse images with 150*150 size. While capturing, Quotationer will automatically convert your image size into default size.

How to create an invoice

You can create invoices as same as the quotations. Select invoice as the profile instead of quotation

You can create invoices from quotations in 2 clicks.

Quotation History –> Show options (+) –> convert to invoice

The basic settings of the Quotationer can be done very easily. This will customize the tool, only for you and your business. You can configure company information, product information, tax information,accounts etc.

A profile is way to customise each quotation. You can create different profiles with different styles and details. By choosing a profile, it will generate the quotation according to the profile, otherwise it will generate the quotation using the default profile.

You can select a profile by, Open Quotationer–> Create new–> profile list–> select the profile that you need.

Open Quotationer–> Create new–> profile list–> select the profile that you need.

You can add new profiles by,

Open Quotationer–>Select Configurartion–>Select Profiles and Templates–> Click Add new profile–> Enter details–> click Add.

Open Quotationer–>Select Configuration–>Select Product Information–> add category or add new item set


Open quotationer–>Create New–>enter details–>Next–> Click on the ‘+’ above the Category or Item Name list–>Enter details–> Add

Quotationer contains fixed template designs.In order to create new custom templates, please contact us via

Open Quotationer –> Create new –> enter customer details–>Select quotation with letter or estimate with letter –> Next –> You will direct to a page containing covering letter. You can edit this letter according to your quotation –>Save–> Next –> Add details for the quotation–>Next

Open Quotationer–>Select configuration–>Select Profiles and Templates–>Double click on the default currency ‘INR’–> Select Currency–>Click on Update.

Open Quotationer–>Select Configuration–>Select Company Information–>Browse or Capture–>Apply

Open Quotationer–>Select Configuration–>Select Product Information –>Click on Import item list or  Export item list.

Open Quotationer –>Configuration–>Company Information–> Company logo–> browse or Capture

The company logo can be captured from your desktop straight away (either from a web page or PDF), by clicking the camera icon, it will show a capture option and by dragging the required area to a capture box.

Tax information can be added to the Quotationer by,

Open Quotationer–>Select Configuration–>Select Tax Information–>Click on add New Tax Information–>Enter details–>Add.

Tax values can be added to the quotation by,

Open Quotationer–>Select Create New and enter details–>Next–> Add items –>click on Add a Custom value with the Total–>Enter values–>Add.

Open Quotationer–> Select Configuration–>Select Product Information–>Click on add item with specification–> Enter Product Details and equations–> Add.

example: Consider your item is marble, Then you can give the formula to calculate its quantity as ‘item specification’ ie, (length*Breadth)

A specification window will open when you are selecting this item to a quotation where we have to enter breadth and length of the item. then the quantity of the item will calculate automatically.

Go to the ‘Search’ option, there you can see quotation history.If you want to edit the quotation, Click on the ‘Edit quotation’ option which will appear on the left side of each quotation.

There is no limit on the number of user accounts. You can add any number of user accounts.

Of course you can add multiple admin accounts. Only admin have the permission to configure the Quotationer.

Open Quotationer–>Select Configuration–>Select Manage Users–>Click on Add New User–>Enter Details and select the radio button ‘Admin’–>Add.

Go to the search option, there you can see quotation history.If you want to recreate a quotation for another client ,Click on the ‘Recreate quotation for another customer’ option which will appear on the left side of each quotation.

Open Quotationer–>Select Configuration–>Settings–>General Settings–> Change default mail client to Gmail –> Create quotation–>Select save and email button–>

Quotation will not attach by default. You will be directed to the location of the quotation and inbox of Gmail. You have to drag the quotation file to the inbox. Drag the file will be easy to attach the email–>Send.

In certain situations like you want to format your system or you want to move the Quotationer software to another system, it will be better to take a backup.Later you can restore the data.

Open Quotationer–>Select Configuration–>Settings–> Backup or Restore