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Stock Management

Inventory Management System with Excel Reports

Inventory management/stock management.

This feature is available in Quotationer cloud app, which offers a robust and user-friendly approach to managing your inventory, incorporating features you described:

Data Tracking:

  • Inventory Item List: Maintain a detailed list of all items with descriptions.
  • Stock Levels: Track current stock levels, including:
    • Available Stock: Items readily available for sale or production.
    • On Hold: Items reserved for quotations but not yet confirmed.
    • In Transit: Items ordered and awaiting delivery.
    • In Production: Items currently under manufacturing.
  • Reorder Levels: Set minimum stock levels for each item to trigger automatic purchase orders.
  • Storage Locations: Specify storage locations for each item for optimal organization.


  • Manual Stock Adjustments: Add or remove stock manually through user input.
  • Automated Inventory Updates: Update inventory automatically based on:
    • Quotation Acceptance: Deduct quantity from “Available Stock” when a quotation is accepted, moving it to “On Hold.”
    • Invoice Creation: Move quantity from “On Hold” to “In Transit” when an invoice is generated for ordered items.
    • Delivery Note/Sales Order: Decrease “Available Stock” upon shipment or sale.

Reporting and Analysis:

  • Excel Reports: Generate comprehensive reports with filters to analyze inventory data. Reports can include:
    • Stock levels by item, location, and status.
    • Reorder point alerts for items nearing depletion.
    • Sales and purchase trends.

Manufacturing Integration:

  • Manufacturing List: Maintain a list of items currently in production.
  • Inventory Updates: Upon completion of production, automatically update “In Production” quantities to “Available Stock.”


  • Improved Inventory Accuracy: Real-time tracking of stock levels across various statuses.
  • Reduced Stock-Outs: Timely purchase orders based on reorder levels.
  • Optimized Production: Efficient allocation of resources based on inventory needs.
  • Enhanced Decision Making: Data-driven insights from reports to improve purchasing and production strategies.
  • Increased Efficiency: Automated inventory updates save time and minimize manual errors.

By implementing this inventory management system, you can achieve greater control over your stock, optimize operational efficiency, and make informed decisions that contribute to your business success!

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