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Task Management

Effortless Task Management for Streamlined Productivity

Take control of your projects and never miss a deadline with our powerful task management feature. Effortlessly organize your tasks and leads, categorizing them by priority and due date. Utilize checklists and sub-tasks to break down complex projects into manageable steps. Delegate sub-tasks to team members and track progress with customised status updates. Stay on top of your work with email alerts, and easily attach files or images to provide clarity and context.

Key Features:

  • Task Lists: Create detailed task lists and assign sub-tasks to individuals.
  • Filtering & Export: Quickly find specific tasks with filter options and export data to Excel.
  • Multiple Assignees: Collaborate by assigning tasks to multiple team members.
  • Email Alerts: Receive timely notifications and reminders.
  • File & Image Attachments: Add relevant documentation and visuals to your tasks.
  • Camera Integration: Capture on-the-go information with direct camera access.

Transform your workflow and optimize team collaboration with our intuitive task management system!

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